IDW’s Is Having Serious Leadership Struggles

by Avi Green


IDW’s made headlines again, as their publishing president is resigning from his role:

IDW Entertainment — the media arm of independent comic publisher IDW Publishing — is losing its leader.

David Ozer, president of the company since its 2013 launch, has stepped away to become an independent producer. Ozer’s departure was announced by IDW Friday afternoon, with Kerry McCluggage, CEO of IDW Media Holdings (parent company of IDW Publishing, IDW Entertainment, IDW Games and Top Shelf Productions), releasing a statement which reads, “David has been with IDW Entertainment from the beginning and, along with his team, helped build IDW Entertainment into a thriving independent production company and we wish him well in his future endeavors. We look forward to building on the solid foundation of our entertainment division by developing and delivering even more quality productions to the television and film markets.”


They’ve had at least a few staff resignations in the past year or so, including former Editor-In-Chief Chris Ryall leaving in April, CEO/Co-Founder Ted Adams leaving in July, and now IDW Entertainment President David Ozer leaving this month. Does it mean their days will continue to be numbered as a publisher? And, will they sell their assets to Marvel/Disney if they fold? There’s no way to tell so far, but this looks like another domino for a company that damaged their reputation in the past year with all the staffers who were making politicized statements and attacks on the various fanbases after valid complaints were made about the directions they were suddenly going in with some of their licensed adaptations like GI Joe and Transformers. All this, again, cut deep into their finances, and brought them down considerably.

This just in from The Outhousers

A former executive at IDW Publishing has hired high-profile Hollywood lawyer Lisa Bloom of the Bloom Firm. Bloom’s former clients include Mischa Barton, a group of women with sexual harassment claims against Bill O’ReillyKathy Griffin, and briefly Harvey Weinstein, which she calls a “mistake.” Her cases appear to be focused on executive level persons with sexual harassment claims against employers and former employers..

Then this update was later posted:

It’s been revealed that lawyer Lisa Bloom is representing a former IDW Publishing executive in a sexual harassment lawsuit against IDW Publishing President and Publisher Greg Goldstein.

So again, it remains to be seen what’ll be the fate of IDW, and whether anybody should feel sorry they’re tanking and could go out of business after all the serious errors they made. We probably shouldn’t be, but the IDW staffers certainly should if they wind up on the unemployment line after all the mistakes they’ve made that could put them out of business.

Let’s see what’s next.


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