IDW Publishing Hires Vox Co-Founder to Script Transformers Comics

Bounding Into Comics learned IDW’s following in the footsteps of Marvel/DC, with “celebrity casting” assignments, by hiring a Vox founder/writer, Tyler Bleszinski, for their rebooted Transformers series, and he told:


Bleszinski provided some details about the upcoming series, “I’ve dreamed of the day that I could somehow be involved in the Transformers universe.” He added, “Humanizing the Constructicons in a refreshed origin story with Livio Ramondelli – one of the most talented Transformers artists ever – will be one of the highlights of my life and will give me the opportunity to share my passion for these incredible creations with my kids’ generation. This is truly a dream come true.”


Humanizing the villains?!? Now that is just what’s wrong with modern storytelling, superhero or otherwise. These days, villains seem to matter far more to writers and editors than heroes, out of some laughable notion it’s impossible to make the heroes interesting, whatever that means. They use that as an excuse to build up the villains in more ways than one, and then what do we get but ludicrous items like these. That’s not what I read adventure fare for.

And here’s what editor David Mariotte said:


Editor David Mariotte gets right to the point of what the series will be about, “Transformers: Galaxies delves into what’s happening away from Cybertron. Tyler and Livio are working on a story about broken promises and lost futures — about those who fall by the wayside to maintain a utopia.”


If this sounds fishy, and potentially political, I’m sure it is. With a politics specialist at the helm, that’s why this is just another “product” to be wary of, and another sign IDW’s lost their way, and we shouldn’t be surprised they continue to lose money. Something Hasbro’s probably soon going to go through as well, as they allow their toys to be exploited by some very naughty boys.



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