IDW Comics Can’t Seem to Win; Latest Publisher Dismissed After 5 Days

What is going on at IDW Publishing?


Less than a week after being announced as publisher at IDW Publishing following the departure of Chris Ryall, Jud Meyers has been placed on administrative leave Before his promotion to publisher, Meyers served as IDW’s global sales director since joining the company in August 2019. Prior to that, he had worked as director of sales and marketing at Humanoids. He had also worked as a comic book retailer with Blastoff Comics — a California store co-owned by Meyers and IDW writer Scott Tipton — as well as Earth-2 Comics.


In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, Ezra Rosensaft, IDW CEO, said, “IDW Publishing has decided to put Jud Meyers on administrative leave. President Jerry Bennington will assume his responsibilities as interim publisher at this time.”


The publisher declined to comment on the specifics of why Meyers was put on leave.



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