Hollywood Insiders Panicking Over the Public’s Rejection of DEI


The ever increasing pushback against DEI is apparently causing Hollywood movers and shakers to get very nervous. Last week, during the annual CAA Amplify Summit in Ojai, California, numerous Hollywood heavyweights met with left-wing personalities such as Michelle Obama and representatives of the ACLU and HRC.

One of the key themes of discussion was DEI, aka diversity, equity, and inclusion. CAA agent Maha Dakhil told participants there is a “crisis” as Hollywood companies cut back on diversity efforts. “This year feels particularly crucial. I’m having déjà vu because I think I stood up here last year and said, ‘I think this year feels particularly crucial,’” she stated. “But I think we can agree that this year is giving trauma, it is giving chaos, it’s giving crisis.”


Dakhil also declared that everyone attending the event was “representing the unrepresented.”


Oh please.

She was apparently referring to the recent departures of DEI execs from Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery, Netflix, and many others. Lots of firms and institutions are finally abandoning DEI in the face of a backlash against wokeness, emboldened by Republican lawmakers’ efforts to eliminate DEI indoctrination in education and government.


Even very blue UNC Chapel Hill recently opted out of its DEI programs, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has stated that faculty applicants will no longer be required to present diversity statements during the application process.


At another panel during the annual CAA Amplify Summit, ACLU chief Anthony Romero reportedly raised concerns about the possibility of Donald Trump being re-elected this November. “We are planning on [Donald] Trump in a way that we have 13 different memos that I’m driving like a train,” he stated.





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