‘High Guardian Spice’ Near Universally Hated by Crunchyroll Viewers


Crunchyroll’s original anime “High Guardian Spice” has finally been launched, after several delays and disputes. And the series has not been well accepted by their anime viewers, with a current rating of 1.4/5, making it Crunchyroll’s lowest rated original anime.


Is Crunchyroll About to Cause Animegate?


When the event was unveiled in 2017, it was already in hot water. Raye Rodriguez, the show’s creator, made several provocative statements about how this was supposed to help Japanese animators somehow and that the series was planned to premiere in early 2019, however it was postponed for unclear reasons. Now that the anime series has been released, it’s being severely panned in every aspect, including animation, script, and voice acting.



Here are some reviews from the Crunchyroll website:


 ★✰✰✰✰ Kapo1984: …just watched first 3 episodes so gave it fighting chance and there’s no chance I would watch 4th one.

Nothing to do with anime.
Tragic voiceover.
Tragic script.
Storyline oh wait I seen it already on Netflix.
There’s absolutely nothing good about this series.


 ★✰✰✰✰ Kanim3: It’s not an anime. It doesn’t look like an anime, feel like an anime, it wasn’t bases on anything that was made in Japan, I’m pretty sure no one from Japan even helped make it. The only reason that I can think that could make it be classified as an anime is the literal translation of anime being animation. If it was placed next to Japanese anime it would stick out like a sore thumb. 


 ★✰✰✰✰ Z3phyrus  This is trash. Everything feels so forced


★✰✰✰✰ linefr3 This show tries so hard to be inclusive but ends up feeling like they included no one. Everyone can be described as: the lesbian, the cross-dresser, the trans person, with little to no personality, and it ends up feeling like the creators are just filling out a checklist, instead of actually making a character


And the single star reviews just continue to roll in.



The folks at Clownfish TV have been following the troubled production of High Guardian Spice, and went so far as to watch the entire series. They were the first to bring the poor reaction by audiences to our attention.

High Guardian Spice is HERE and Getting THRASHED on Crunchyroll!


High Guardian Spice is Crunchyroll’s first foray into Western Animation, being a largely generic fantasy setting with magical girl elements and a fantasy school backdrop, inspired by the likes of Steven Universe and relatively family friendly note despite its TV-14 rating and the content warnings before every episode. While creating their own content normally wouldn’t be a problem, many subscribers insisted that Crunchyroll is for Japanese animation and drama and shows like High Guardian Spice would be more at home on something like Cartoon Network or HBO Max.

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