‘Hercules’ & ‘Supergirl’ Star Snubbed by ComiCon?

by Jamison Ashley
The founder of East Coast Comicon, a New Jersey comic book convention, Cliff Galbraith, has announced that he has banned actor Kevin Sorbo, made famous by his role as Hercules in the long-running 90’s action adventure series and currently starring in the CW series ‘Supergirl’, reportedly because he’s a republican and friendly with FOX News TV show host Sean Hannity. Galbraith is quoted on his Facebook page as saying that he “turned down Kevin Sorbo for East Coast Comicon. He’s pals with Sean Hannity. I just can’t do it.”

One tiny problem with Mr. Galbraith’s story:

Could Cliff Galbraith have lied in order to make his convention sound cool & edgy? Now everyone is just laughing at him.

From Fox News:

“I’ve never even heard of the East Coast Comicon,” Sorbo told the Todd Starnes Radio Show. “They don’t have any A-Listers attending. I think they are looking for free publicity.”

I reached out to the East Coast Comicon but they did not respond to my inquiries.

Hannity told the “Todd Starnes Radio Show” that Galbraith is “just mad that comic book movies are just boring formulaic Hollywood drivel that people are tired of.”

“And ‘Let There Be Light’ was a breakout hit without any Hollywood support,” Hannity said.

“Let There Be Light was the fourth highest-grossing faith-based film in 2017 and they were second in box office receipts against Thor’s opening weekend.

“I’ll pity the poor insecure guy who cannot escape his comic book world, and handle a little real-world truth and reality and an opposing viewpoint,” Hannity told the Todd Starnes Radio Show. “Take that Batman.”

Sorbo said he was not terribly surprised to learn about Galbraith’s snub.

Gilbraith refused to give FOX News a comment about the story, but he did give one to Jude Terror at BleedinCool, where he essentially admits to it:

“There are many third-party people in convention booking who ‘knows a guy who knows a guy’ kind of thing,” Galbraith explained when we asked, as a clarification to Sorbo’s comments about having never heard of the event, whether Galbraith was approached by Sorbo or his agents about appearing at the con. “People are trying to be helpful. They have a friend who’s an agent or the met someone at a con and they’re passing contact info on to me. So in this case, someone asked me if I were interested in Sorbo. I said, ‘I’ll pass.’ Then I made a joke about it on my own personal Facebook page.”


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