HBO Max’s ‘Green Lantern’ Series to Have… a Dark & Gritty Tone


Although the Green Lantern appeared on TV many times, it is the 2011 movie starring Ryan Reynolds is probably foremost in people’s minds, with an underperforming debut at the box office and reviews that were mostly negative. Chances of any sequel to that movie quickly disappeared and the character was buried for a while. However, Green Lantern is very much back on the list of superheroes making their way to the small screen


Following the success of HBO’s Watchmen series in 2019, a slew of new comic book adaptations are set to premiere on HBO Max in the near future, with Green Lantern Corps being one of the most eagerly awaited.  And much like The Watchmen series, the Green Lantern series will be bringing a darker and gritter tone to the characters.


According to The Illuminerdi, the series will lay the stage for some terrible stories for the Green Lantern Corps in the future, with each Lantern already having their own personal conflicts planned. If that doesn’t sound depressing enough, we were provided breakdowns of the series’ leads, Guy Gardner, Bree Jarta, and Alan Scott, who would be regulars throughout the series, last year, and as casting began, the following character descriptions for the trio were released:


Guy Gardner: White Male, 30’s. A hulking mass of masculinity, as rendered in the comics. Guy is a personification of the hyper-patriotism found in the 1980’s that birthed Hulk Hogan and Rambo. However, Guy is still likable. He might act foolish, but he is not a fool. Guy loves his daughter and wife with all of his hard-partying, fast driving, hot tempered heart. But like many alpha males, there is a deep undercurrent of pain driving it all.

Bree Jarta: Black, Female, 30’s. Few Lanterns take their commitment to the Corps and it’s purpose more seriously than Bree. Bree is half-human and it’s the half she’s worked hard to forget. Bree has an alien mother and a human father. However, she was raised on a more enlightened planet with an advanced society. Bree outworked her peers and earner her Ring only to find herself partnered with Guy Gardner.

Alan Scott: White Male, 28 years old. From the outside, Alan is the model of early 1940’s. The image of a G-Man. Alan is handsome, clean-shaven and well dressed without a hair out of place. He has spent his young life trying to personify truth, justice, and the American Way. He is already a household name in L.A. and is seen as hero thanks to positive press coverage. However, for all of Alan’s honesty, there is one huge lie that follows him. He is a gay man. A fact that, in his era, could cost him his job, or even his life.


In addition to these characters, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz and Sinestro are all set to feature in the show in some form and will likely be seen struggling with their own personal demons. Sounds pretty grim.

Meghan Murphy

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