HBO Max Planning Post-Flash ‘Supergirl’ Series Starring Sasha Calle


Supergirl may be coming to an end on The CW. But before the curtains have even closed on that show, Sasha Calle’s movie-based iteration of the character is now rumored to be getting her own exclusive HBO Max series in place of the long gestating Supergirl movie. We already know that Calle’s debut in the DC Extended Universe will be in The Flash movie, alongside the title character, and both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton’s versions of Bruce Wayne/Batman, but it seems that her appearance in the movie will come without much explanation of her origin or any kind of back story, which the series will then pick up on.


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The rumors say that the series will not feature Superman in any way, but instead will probably feature Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne in some way, which obviously would then also provide a connection between the series and the events of The Flash. It also was suggested that some other Kryptonians could well appear in the show.



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While DC fans have been getting their Supergirl fix from the Arrowverse based series on The CW, that version of the character has been very much an old school portrayal of Superman’s cousin, who arrived on Earth many years after Karl-El had arrived as an infant and gone on to become a global hero. In The Flash, Sasha Calle’s take on the character will not have such a simple backstory. It is believed the new iteration has been developed on the Cir-El character created in 2003 by Scott McDaniel and Steven T. Seagle. This version is a mysterious human/Kryptonian hybrid, who originally laid claim to being the daughter of Superman and Lois Lane, although that was later proven untrue.


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