HBO Decides to Pass on JJ Abrams’ ‘The Shining’ Prequel Series ‘Overlook’

Deadline reports that HBO Max has opted not to proceed with Overlook, the drama project from J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions, and inspired by Stephen King’s The Shining. The company and studio Warner Bros. Television are shopping the show, which is expected to land at a new home soon, with Netflix a likely destination.

Overlook was part of the inaugural Bad Robot slate at HBO Max under the company’s mega 2019 deal with WarnerMedia, which was commissioned by the previous regimes at the streamer.

HBO Max brass reportedly liked the project but felt it was not a fit for them at this time. Bad Robot has an expansive existing slate at HBO/HBO Max with current series Westworld on HBO and upcoming series Demimonde on HBO and Duster and Subject to Change at HBO Max. The company just sold Fledgling to HBO for development.



The Shining is one of King’s best known stories, mainly thanks to the almost perfect movie of 1980 by Stanley Kubrick – a version which King hated by his own admission. The novel was later adapted for TV by King in a mini-series that allowed him to put his version of the story on screen without the many changes that Kubrick made in the movie, and a belated sequel, Doctor Sleep, was written by Stephen King a few years ago, and was made into a movie starring Ewan McGregor.


While there have been unconfirmed whispers that Netflix are being approached to take on Overlook, it would find a home on the platform along with other King works like 1922 and In The Tall Grass which made their premieres with the streamer in the last few years. 


How about we stop making prequels altogether, particularly with J.J. Abrams? Just an idea.

Jamison Ashley

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