‘Haunting In Venice’ Leads Second-Worst Box Office Weekend of 2023

Blame the fall, blame the lack of product, blame the strikes, blame everything — but this weekend’s box office is bound to be the second-worst of 2023, with an estimated $62.5M for all movies according to reporting from Deadline. We previously hit rock bottom over Super Bowl Weekend, when Warner Bros.’ Magic Mike’s Last Dance led the box office, sans a fire-breathing marketing campaign, all films totaling $52.6M, per Box Office Mojo.


Here’s the irony — this weekend is still up over the same frame a year ago at +21%, when The Woman King led all pics to a marketplace total of $51.4M. And that Viola Davis movie had a bigger opening than what A Haunting in Venice is seeing here, $19M to an estimated $14M-$15M. Friday was $5.5M for the Poirot film, including previews. One rival studio shows Nun 2 winning the weekend, but that remains to be seen, and that sequel’s weekend is being reported as $14.6M. However, at this point in time, despite being a close-race, Haunting has the edge.



A bigger irony for this whodunnit: Netflix’s limited theatrical release of Knives Out 2: Glass Onion in 696 theaters made about the same amount of money, and that starred Janelle Monae, Kate Hudson, Daniel Craig, Dave Bautista etc. And we all knew that could have done significantly better over the Thanksgiving box office if unleashed as a wide release. So it’s not that whodunnits don’t work at the box office.

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