Harry Potter TV: Warner Bros. Discovery’s Courage & Creative Bankruptcy


Warner Bros. Discovery is looking to close a deal to produce a “Harry Potter” television series.


According to Variety, the project will reportedly be directly based on J.K. Rowling’s best-selling book series, rather than an in-universe spinoff such as the “Fantastic Beasts” films. Each season would reportedly draw from one of the books, suggesting an ongoing franchise that would stretch for years for the studio.


Under the deal, Rowling would maintain a degree of creative involvement with the series, though she would not serve as primary creator or showrunner. That caused pro-trans activists in the media to lose their minds.



As John Nolte at Breitbart points out, Hollywood press outlet Variety is one of those pro-trans outlets that has always been very eager to see J.K. Rowling blacklisted, but nowhere in their reporting on this project do they bring up the trans controversy, which Nolte says is “more proof the tide has turned” on the trans issue.


Although J.K. Rowling holds perfectly reasonable, science-based, and even compassionate views on the issue of transgenderism, because she is such a towering and iconic feminist and pop culture figure, she has been Target Number One for disgusting and unbalanced extremists in the transsexual movement.

The reason for targeting Rowling in such a public and hysterical way is obvious…If these bigots and haters can take out J.K. Rowling and successfully blacklist a pop culture phenomenon and billion-dollar brand, the message is terrifyingly clear: No one is safe. Get in line or lose everything.


Mr. H is enjoying the turnabout.

The SALT Flows! Harry Potter "Fans" HATE That J.K. Rowling Is Involved In Reboot Series


However encouraging this development may be in the “culture wars,” Nolte also points out is that this news further illustrates the creative bankruptcy of Hollywood. This news means that WBD plans to tell the same tales from the films and books on television. But what will the television show have to offer that the films did not? What actually makes a TV adaptation necessary? Improved special effects or a more up-to-date storytelling? 


What percentage of Harry Potter Blu-ray collection owners are actually interested in watching those very same stories on TV?



Christian Toto has  a pretty solid theory:


Warner Bros. Discovery…is bleeding red ink and has spent months trying to stop the flow with high-profile cancellations.

The mega company shelved CNN+ after a disastrous launch, canceled a “Batgirl” movie that was anywhere from 80-90 percent complete and has been in a vigorous cost-cutting mode over the past year.

It needs more sure things, properties all but guaranteed to draw eyeballs, clicks and streaming numbers.


Sources close to the situation suggest that talks between Warner Bros. Discovery and Rowling’s camp remain in a preliminary state. The studio is looking to house the series under its streaming banner HBO Max, soon to be combined with Discovery+ and rebranded under a new name. HBO Max has declined to comment.



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