♪♬ Happy Birthday Dear Bleeding Fool… & Many More! ♬♪

Queue the formerly copyrighted tune by Warner/Chappell…!


What started out as an average sized, middle-finger to the gatekeepers of pop culture coverage, is now entering the terrible twos. Parents around the world should be more than familiar with such calamity. It’s marked by an increase in attention-seeking, to the “mine phase,” and the growth spurts. But none of this would be possible without people willing to be contributors, or the readers willing to voraciously devour our productions.  


Two years of kicking virtual ass to even being featured as part of evidence files in Federal Courts, Bleeding Fool has become a voice of common sense in a world of clickbait and soy lattes. I have been lucky enough to have been a contributor for just over a year, and there aren’t many other places where a young boy with stars in his eyes can get a start these days.


Pop culture is a pastime that we can share with our loved ones and with the current culture, so its been refreshing to provide readers with a clear take on current events. Plus, we continue to introduce other aspects of pop culture through increasingly diverse topics; comics, movies, shows, and YouTube to name a few.


Celebrating along!


I started my contributions just after I supported CyberFrog on IndieGoGo, (talking to you Ethan), and while I am still waiting to get my hands on it (shots fired), there have been ample other topics to discuss. From the Rise and Fall of ComicsGate, to the court cases involving Richard “Ya Boi” Meyer and Vic Mignogna, we have happily provided each of you with something to discuss with your friends and family.


For my part, you can look forward to more diverse topics that I will continue to produce as long as you fine folks continue to read. Its been a great ride, and I count my blessings that my humble words have contributed to growing this website’s modest and loyal following. This is truly one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. There is a lot of fun in being able to put my thoughts into paper and have people discuss them with one another, but none of this would be possible without you, the reader.



Two years may not sound like a huge milestone to some, but Mount Everest is climbed one step at a time.  There’s Still No Pop-Up Ads (like those other guys), and we’re still delivering good old-fashioned news, cleverly disguised as entertainment. With or without a CyberFrog next to me (last one, Van Sciver), we’ll celebrate with each and everyone of you.


I want SJWs to look at my articles like she is looking at the camera…


From me to you, I sincerely thank you for making this experience a wonderful reality. We’re only two years in the making and growing strong, so I say cheers to many, many more to come!  


Happy Birthday, Bleeding Fool


Michael Gutierrez

I review comics and other pop culture on their own merit. Follow me on Twitter @Call2Mike. Please contact Bleeding Fool if you are a creator and are interested in having me review your work.