Happy B-day to Us! Celebrating 6 Years of Savvy, Scorn & Satire

Satire must accompany any free society. It is an absolute necessity. Even in the most repressive medieval kingdoms they understood the need for the Court Jester, the one soul allowed to tell the truth through laughter.

– Joe Randozzo –



October 10 marks the date we announced our introduction to the world. It should come as no surprise that this blog was born out of frustrations with similar websites that were either shill sites or thinly veiled, hard left Marxist entertainment websites, or both. Bleeding Fool was inspired by this advent of pop culture pontificators pushing social justice and other progressive ideals to the forefront of their content, gradually shifting their focus to how modern entertainment could promote progressive causes rather than evaluating the content based on its inherent entertainment value.


Our origins can be traced back to September 11, 2017




Around this time, Marvel had been hiring openly racist, sexist writers like Gabby Rivera, and transgender sociopaths that wanted to smash people’s mouths with a baseball bat. But when G.I. Joe writer Aubrey Sitterson insulted most of America on September 11, Bleeding Fool’s Twitter account was born and began the concentrated push-back on the weird defense Sitterson was receiving from websites like Bleeding Cool and Graphic Policy.



Since the progressive left arguably seems to openly hate American and holds patriotism in disdain, it’s no surprise that many of them swiftly came to Sitterson’s defense, blaming any and all criticism or anger on the Aubrey’s role as a social justice warrior who was including LGBTQ content in the G.I. Joe books he was writing. 



Brett Schenker is the founder of Graphic Policy and is a hard left DC native who pushes hard left politics not only the GP website, but regularly on his personal account as well. And there’s Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool, who is a UK native also a far left liberal that does pretty much the same. This was a familiar pattern at like-minded websites like The Mary Sue, CBR, Comics Alliance, Newsarama, et al at the time and was in philosophical alignment with dozens of comic book creators of the day. They were not ashamed of their open political advocacy because they’ve become convinced that they’re “on the right side of history,” and thus, shouldn’t be bothered to mitigate their political biases when interacting with fans, or in the case of websites, reporting on comics and entertainment news.



So why should we be any different? And so the Twitter account was launched.


Thankfully we weren’t alone. There were other similarly minded websites like Bounding Into Comics, Critical Blast, and Cosmic Book News, but they seemed to be the only handful of sources that shared our point of view, one of a more libertarian or conservative standpoint, or at least celebrated merit rather than protecting status quo and prioritizing identity politics over entertainment value. These comrades in arms never shill for the big studios and comic companies like Variety, THR, Deadline, Kevin Smith, and others so often do. In fact, they actually seem to be staffed with honest fans that love the entertainment arts and are tired of seeing their favorite IPs used as a bludgeon to shepherd the ignorant masses towards marxist-progressivism.


The Bleeding Fool website was actually inspired the most by our counter-point, Bleeding Cool. After Joe Glass, or maybe it was Jude Terror, or maybe even uncle Richie himself, had written another tiresome article insisting on the necessity of inclusion and diversity in modern comics and demanding that publishers celebrate it even more by “stepping up” their efforts, I posted a reply in the comments section asking “How did Chris Claremont’s X-Men #94 ever become such a massive hit without having to virtue signal about the superhero team’s its diversity?





I was promptly shadow-banned for that obviously logical question. Within a week, Bleeding Fool was born


Even though at the time, Marvel Comics’ Axel Alonso and David Gabriel had admitted that pushing for more diversity wasn’t profitable. Al Landau (the President of Marvel Comics in the early 70’s) knew that diversity could be handled properly and profitably, but only if it was done by including it casually without ever trying to push its importance on the reader. Today’s comic book publishers seem to have learned neither of these lessons, and the social justice warriors have persisted to this day.


Also around this time, Mark Waid and lesser known comic “professionals,” had physically threatened Richard Meyer, an indie creator who started a satirical Youtube channel called “Diversity & Comics” and regularly critiqued the shameful pandering, social justice, and poor quality of modern comics. These incidents led to what has been dubbed Comicsgate, which became the very first topic we covered here. In fact, I think we may have been the first website on the right side of the issue to even give the movement fair and proper coverage rather than the the left wing media, which cranked out its very best spin to try to crush the movement, and repeatedly gaslight readers, the comics industry, and comic book fandom into believing ComicsGate was a “hate group” worse than Gamergate!!!



And yet, despite the lies and attacks, Comicsgate has grown. It has thrived. And it is changing the comic book industry.

In response to the abundance of websites pushing decidedly progressive liberal politics and shilling press releases, we began promoting what we thought was important in comics, TV, film, and games news while pointing out the rampant cringe-worthy, virtue-signaling that was, and still is, prevalent in the market and medium. We even were able to uncover a nest of vipers in the comic book industry made up of women and men who pretend to be women, calling themselves the “Whisper Network” and gleefully getting prominent men in the industry blacklisted. We still report a lot of straight entertainment new, and do our best to signal boost writers like Avi Green, A.H. Lloyd, Jamison Ashley, Brian Niemeier, Karina Smitt, Dave Huber, David Vining, Victor James, Mandy Parker, Peter Pischke and the dozens of others that have provided us with some intelligent and marvelous rants.


As for the name “fool,” besides the obvious rhyming satire, it’s worth remembering that the classic fool was typically a clever commoner that used their wits to undo those of higher social standing. For the unfamiliar, here is a helpful explanation of fools and jesters.



I think this role has provided an important function and has been present the world for ages. So in other words, this is important work we’re doing here!




It was back in 2017 when this humble blog began, and we’re still here. We still love comics and geeks of all political persuasions, and we’re going to continue to present ideas from our perspective and promote creators who want their work to entertain more than preach as long as this tiny little blog on an ever growing world wide web can manage to do so. If you ever start to feel “triggered,” or get upset by something you read here, please give us you feedback in the comment sections, and promise never to shadow-ban anyone, but we’re still going to ban any name calling jerks and bots as we try to continue doing our part to make geek hobbies great again!  If we are not to your liking, then we recommended you to surf elsewhere.


This ship of fools must sail on.



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