Gunn Has No Desire to Work on Any Other Marvel or DC Projects


James Gunn is always quick to respond to fans on social media and last week was no different.


The writer/director of Guardians of the GalaxyThe Suicide Squad and Peacemaker, was asked by a fan: “You’ve previously said after GOTG3, your work with Marvel is likely done. If they handed you absolutely any Marvel character(s) you wanted, with free reign, is there one you’d like to do a project about?”


Gunn replied, “There are presently no characters at either Marvel or DC that I want to be working with right now that I am not.”



Beside both Tweets being rather awkwardly written, it seems we can take away from it that Gunn has checked all the characters off of his wish list from the two companies. That doesn’t mean that he’s done working with either company nor that in the future he won’t suddenly come up with an idea for a character that he isn’t currently thinking of. But for now, he seems content.   

Mandy Parker

From a long line, family of geeks, author of several unpublished geek girl books, writer for @BleedingFool. Recovering Game of Thrones fan, life-time Tolkien fan.