Gov. Ron DeSantis Officially Ends Disney’s Self-Governing Status


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signed a historic piece of legislation that effectively ends Disney’s self-governing status in the state. The move is a significant victory for Floridians who have long called for more accountability and transparency from the entertainment giant.


Disney has enjoyed a special status since the 1960s, when it negotiated an agreement with the state of Florida that allowed it to create its own government within the borders of Walt Disney World. This arrangement gave the company the power to create and enforce its own laws, essentially making it a private entity operating within the state.


However, this special status has been a source of controversy and criticism in recent years. Many have accused Disney of using its power to avoid accountability and hide information from the public. The company has also been accused of mistreating its workers, who have limited legal recourse due to the company’s unique legal status.


With the signing of the new legislation, Disney will now be subject to the same laws and regulations as other businesses in the state. This means that the company will no longer be able to create its own laws or operate outside the purview of state officials.



This is a significant victory for Floridians who have long called for greater transparency and accountability from Disney. The company’s self-governing status was seen by many as a symbol of corporate arrogance and a threat to democracy.


By ending this arrangement, Governor DeSantis has sent a powerful message that no company is above the law. He has also shown a willingness to stand up to powerful corporations and put the needs of his constituents first.


It remains to be seen how Disney will respond to this new reality. The company has not yet issued a statement on the matter, but it is likely that it will challenge the new law in court.


Regardless of the outcome, the signing of this legislation is a historic moment for Florida and a significant step towards greater transparency and accountability in the state. Governor DeSantis should be commended for his leadership on this issue, and we can only hope that other elected officials will follow his example in standing up to powerful corporations and protecting the rights of the people they serve

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