Gothic Therapy Co-Host Shows How to Battle Network of Bots on X


As I wrote two weeks ago, culture critic Master of the TDS, of the Gothic Therapy YouTube channel, exposed significant manipulation on X by a single company that had managed to turn the social media platform into a lucrative money-making machine through the extensive use of bots, gaming the verification system at X, and programming the verified bots to interact frequently with posts promoting major brands like Disney, Warner Bros., Sony, and Ubisoft.


After my report, MofTDS had people from Twitter/X reach out to him, assisting in his efforts, which eventually led to the VNXNET organization’s two main accounts being suspended.



Shortly after posting that information, MotTDS reports that he was swarmed by bots on Twitter/X by someone claiming to “not be the VNXNET guy.” 



This week, he discovered that VNXNET is only the tip of the iceberg. After further reseatch, MotTDS uncovered evidence that this activity relates back to an organization known as the Butterfly Research group, which is run by the owner of VNXNET, “Minhducbtr.” From what he could ascertain, the group appears to be an agency that is made to help people “make money off social media,” and offer to “boost traffic” with the use of their VNXNET Tool.


X thanh toán. Chúc mừng ae sử dụng tool twitter của VNXNET


The investigation eventually led him to Minhducbtr’s Tik Tok account where he can be seen boasting about the money he is making, while scrolling at least forty Twitter accounts at once.



It looks like the VNXNET network is still very active on X, and despite I.D. verification coming to Twitter next month on July 1st, it might not be enough to stop this. To stay up on the lastest info, and enjoy the fun, I suggest you give MotTDS a follow here



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