Godzilla vs. Kong Finally Crosses $100 Million Domestically



Deadline is reporting that after 12 weekends, Godzilla vs. Kong has crossed the $100M mark at the domestic box office. The Warner Bros. / Legendary film is the second film to cross the line during the pandemic, the first being Paramount’s A Quiet Place II which did it in just three weekends. But while AQPII opened as the theaters were reopening, GvK opened back at the end of March, before some major cities like LA and NYC were back at full capacity. And GvK was also released to HBO Max on the same day. Even with that the film had an opening five days of $48.1M, an amazing result at the time.


According to ForbesGodzilla vs Kong has grossed more than $100 million following its slow yet steady trudge forward. The movie is the second to hit this milestone after A Quiet Place, Part II. The film has been working on this goal since Godzilla and Kong hit the screen in late March, so fans of the heroes are glad to see this summit at last.


John Pallister

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