Gods & Monsters: James Gunn Announces First 10 DCU Films & TV Shows

Three months after James Gunn and Peter Safran officially started running the newly created DC Studios within Warner Bros. Discovery, the co-chiefs have announced the first 10 film and TV titles within the rebooted DC Universe. Gunn and Safran met with press on the Warner Bros. studio lot to present what they said was the first part of Chapter 1 of the DCU, which they are calling “Gods and Monsters.”


The projects run the gamut. There are titles based on marquee DC heroes — including the previously announced Superman feature written by Gunn, now officially titled “Superman: Legacy,” a Batman and Robin movie, a Wonder Woman prequel series and a Green Lantern mystery series — as well as titles featuring lesser known characters, including Booster Gold and Swamp Thing. The DCU exists as a multiverse, Safran said, but the titles will exist in one singular universe. Overall, the slate represents the most robust vision for DC’s future in scripted entertainment since Warner Bros.’ first attempt in 2014 to build a universe to rival that of Marvel Studios.


James Gunn himself released an announcement video where he details all the upcoming projects. Watch:


The plan, Safran and Gunn said, is to release roughly two films and two TV series per year into the DCU. That output will not, however, sacrifice quality to meet deadlines. Gunn and Safran were adamant that films and series will not go into production until scripts are finished, which is not the norm for pricey tentpoles that need to create awareness by planting flags on the calendar. All in, the slate that the co-leads have announced will run through 2027. Only “Superman: Legacy” and “The Batman Part II” have set release dates. 


For a breakdown of details about the projects, click here.  

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