Gizmodo UK & Kotaku UK Shutting Down on Wednesday


Kotaku UK and Gizmodo UK are shutting down this week, with the rights being reverted back to the network G/O Media.


Gizmodo UK began in late September in 2011 and Kotaku UK began six years ago in September 2014. The US versions are run by G/O Media, with Future Publishing licensing the brand and content from former parent Gawker Media for their UK sites. On Monday, Future announced they had decided not to renew the license when it expires this Wednesday September 9th, meaning the end of Gizmodo UK including and Kotaku UK.


The rights for all the UK sites will be reverting back to G/O Media this week, and US-based Gizmodo and Kotaku will continue to operate and produce content. Kotaku and fellow Gizmodo-owned brands were sold to the newly-formed G/O Media last year


Chris Braly

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