Let It Go, Elizabeth Banks. Disney’s Frozen 2 Busted Your Narrative


A week after director / actress Elizabeth Banks blamed the box office failure of her Charlies Angels reboot on men failing to see movies with female leads,  Walt Disney Animation’s Frozen 2 feasted on record numbers at the midweek Thanksgiving box office.


Banks was quoted as saying: “They’ll [men] go and see a comic book movie with Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel because that’s a male genre.”


However, her movie was actually promoted to women exclusively, as promotional materials were singularly focused on attracting a female audience.  


The all-ages, family (men, women, and children) focused Disney sequel scored the biggest Tuesday ($20.7 million) and Monday ($12.8 million) ever for the month of November in North America after opening to a November-best $130.1 million over the weekend. The movie just skated past the $170 million mark today after finishing Tuesday with a domestic cume of $163.7 million. Frozen 2 is having no trouble staying atop the chart over the long Thanksgiving weekend (Wednesday-Sunday) with a royally great $100 million to $120 million for the five days. That would put its domestic total through Sunday at nearly $300 million, according to early estimates for the holiday corridor.

The sequel to the beloved 2013 film about princesses and the power of sisterhood came in well ahead of expectations after other November franchise installments got badly iced (Charlie’s Angels,Terminator: Fate and Doctor Sleep).


Jeremy Griggs of Geeks & Gamers had much to say about this contrast when he commented on this the other day:



Frozen 2 Breaks Box Office Records - Exposes SJW Lies About Men/Box Office


Frozen earned $1.28 billion globally to become the top-grossing animated release of all time. The musical tale also won numerous awards, including the Oscar for best animated feature and for best original song (“Let It Go”). Even more box office bucks are rolling in over this extended weekend for the sequel means this Disney juggernaut is going to continue putting up strong numbers.


Elizabeth Banks isn’t fretting though. It’s just been announced that she’ll be directing The Invisible Woman for Warner Bros. from a script by Erin Cressida Wilson. Sources say the tone of the project is Thelma & Louise meets American Psycho. Hopefully it won’t focus on this visibility of women in Hollywood, since the character of Elsa has proven that’s not really the case.





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