Powerful Black Actress Labelled ‘Problematic’ for Disney; CBR Wants ‘Shuri’ Cancelled


Hollywood is currently dealing with worker strike that’s likely to grind the studios to a halt, but another conflict has been brewing ever since vaccine mandates started being softly enforced among studios and many A-list holdouts who prefer not to undergo the recommended medical procedures have been at the center of some work stoppages while many others and their peers believe they deserve the autonomy and liberty to say, “It’s not my place to police anyone.” 


According to the Hollywood Reporter:

Though Hollywood might appear unified when it comes to embracing such COVID-19 preventive measures as vaccines, the reality is more divided, mirroring the broader American population, where 44% are not fully vaccinated, according to the CDC. In the film and TV industry, there are no universal vaccine mandates in place, allowing for individual producers to determine whether those in Zone A — typically the project’s main actors, who cannot wear a mask because of storylines, as well as key crewmembers — require proof of vaccination.


Disney’s solution is that everyone should show a mark or proof of vaccination, not too dissimilar to the yellow star designations once used in Nazi Germany, to indicate what your medical status is:

Disney, the studio behind Black Panther, will begin rolling out a sticker system on all of its new productions in mid-October that requires visible proof of COVID-19 vaccination status, as stipulated in a return-to-work agreement between AMPTP and Hollywood’s unions.


But not all actors are willingly going along with the vaccine requirements.

…plenty of industry holdouts remain. A number of performers, from Rob Schneider (now shooting Netflix’s Home Team) to Letitia Wright (filming Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever) have shared anti-vaccine positions on social media. In Wright’s case, a set source says she has espoused similar views about the COVID-19 vaccines on the Atlanta production. The British actress quietly parted ways with her entire U.S. team of representatives in the wake of a backlash over posting a controversial anti-vaccine video in December.



And that’s where far left comic book and entertainment website CBR comes in. They’ve been using trigger words and framing Letitia Wright’s vaccine hesitancy opinions as “rhetoric” as though her stance is dangerous and more controversial than it actually is. They’ve repeatedly lumped her desire to remain a “pure blood” with skeevy tactics like labelling her a “transphobe”. It seems they won’t separate the two. In an article from yesterday, they repeatedly use the term “anti-vax rhetoric“:

Wright, who plays T’Challa’s tech-whiz sister Shuri in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, found herself embroiled in controversy in December 2020 after sharing an anti-vaccine video — one that also included anti-trans commentary — on her since-deleted Twitter account. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wright has “espoused similar views” about the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine while filming Wakanda Forever


CBR is only referring back to their own earlier reporting to attack the opinionated actress, all because she had shared a video from faith leader Tony Arayomi, Senior Leader of Light London Church out of the UK where he talks about the vaccines. But some weirdos on Twitter isolated his comments found much later in the same video, where he affirms his religious stance on transgender ideology as binary and that men and women are made in God’s image. The 69-minute video, which has since been removed from YouTube and Wright’s Twitter feed, included Arayomi saying, “I don’t understand vaccines medically, but I’ve always been a little bit of a skeptic of them.” Wright’s tweet, along with the video, included a praying hands emoji. It now stands deleted.



This unsurprisingly raised the ire of transactivists who vehemently disagreed. CBR long ago decided to take the position of such transactivists and labeled the actress as “anti-trans” even though she did made no comments related to the transgender movement.

From Leticia Wright’s now deleted Twitter account


CBR even imbedded tweets in their article (from several since suspended accounts) in their reporting that support the transgender ideology and label the Black Panther actress “transphobic”.





RIG Nation’s Tomi Arayomi took the time to issue a response a few days later, but clearly CBR was not interested. They still continue to associate Leticia to transphobia in their reporting this week, even though this initial dustup took place 10 months ago.


My official response to the backlash of Letitia Wright sharing my video.


Wright’s Marvel co-star Don Cheadle, known for playing the character of War Machine, responded to her tweets. Calling the discussion and YouTube video “hot garbage,” he maintained that he wouldn’t “defend anybody posting this.” However, he also said that he wouldn’t “cancel” Wright over her tweet, as several on social media seem to be doing, and would instead take it up with her “off Twitter.” 


Cheadle has since deleted his response tweets. 


Nicki Minaj’s #Ballgate Incident Waking Up a Lot of People


The Quartering’s Jeremy posted this last night. He thinks this may be a big problem for Disney:


Massive Problem On Black Panther 2 Set! Disney Set To FIRE Star Letitia Wright Over Vax Stance!


However, with Marvel Studios pushing for more and more female representation in their cinematic universe, Wright continuing to maintain the role of Shuri should be an easy decision since the character took over the Black Panther role briefly in the comics. Letitia is still young and perhaps she can assume the mantle now that Chadwick Boseman has departed and won’t be able to play T’Challa, but will Disney support an outspoken, opinionated, Christian Black actress? And how is the looming strike going to affect the production?



What’s unfortunate to see is CBR’s continued persecution of Leticia Wright by using trigger words like “anti-trans,” “transphobic,” and even “rhetoric” which implies bombastic nonsense or outrageous discourse.  She never made anti-transgender comments. In fact, the news out of the Hollywood Reporter wasn’t even about her, and referenced the Decemeber incident, yet CBR is reporting as it’s “more of the same bad behavior” from Ms. Wright.


Is that fair?

No. It’s insulting and it’s not straight reporting. To be fair, we do very little “straight reporting” here at Bleeding Fool, but we’re pretty up front about our bias. CBR (aka Comic Book Resources) is a website that’s presumably still dedicated to the coverage of comic book-related news and discussion that Valiant publishing bought and has hosted columns by comic historians and even industry professionals like Robert Kirkman and Mark Millar. Do they now think labelling comic book actresses “transphobes” in allegiance with suspended troll accounts their idea of solid reporting? Has their anti-diverse forums taken over editorial also, or is it merely a symptom of editorial?


 Leticia Wright’s final comments on the subject, also from early December 2020, were as follows.



Does that sound transphobic or anti-trans to anyone?  Meanwhile Sweden, Denmark, and others just paused administering COVID-19 vaccines to everyone under the age of 31 due to dangerous side effects. 

Actress Leticia Wright turns 28 on October 31.




Meanwhile, here is CBR’s current pinned tweet.


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