Female Marvel Writer Wants Actress to Portray “Spider-Man”

Mary Jane Parker is taking on a new, somewhat familiar role. Spider-Man’s better half has always had aspirations of becoming a Hollywood star. It seems she finally landed a role as a character she understands and can connect to more than pretty much anyone else: Spider-Man.

In The Amazing Mary Jane, Mary Jane has landed a starring role in a Hollywood biopic on the villainous Mysterio. But, there’s a lot going on with the production as Mysterio is disguised as the film’s lead actor/director Cage McKnight, while the Savage Six, led by Vulture, wants to disrupt filming. If that wasn’t enough the actor playing Spider-Man is tired of the film’s unsafe production.


In The Amazing Mary Jane #4 written by Leah Williams with art by Carlos E. Gomez, the actor playing Spider-Man in Mysterio’s production rips off his Spider-Man suit and quits the production. After the attacks by the Savage Six, the actor justifiably thinks the set is cursed. To be fair the entire production has been a giant mess – between budget issues and supervillain attacks. He tells Mary Jane “you’re delusional enough to think this movie could actually be any good.” Mysterio steps in and tells the actor he would have ended his involvement with the film based on how he talked to Mary Jane at that moment if he didn’t just quit. After the actor threatens to call his guild rep unless he can keep his full advance on his salary, Mysterio promptly throws cash at him and tells him to get off the set.

The production crew immediately identify they need a new Spider-Man actor. Mysterio asks if reshoots are the best way to go, but the limited budget prevents that scenario. Mary Jane steps up and tells Mysterio he’ll have to “make do with some heavy editing,” before saying she’ll take the part. 

MJ as Spider-Man?



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