Fans of Lady Gaga Feel Betrayed; Call Her a Big Pharma Sellout

After collaborating with Pfizer’s Nurtec ODT migraine medication, fans of the occultist and pop artist Lady Gaga have made their outrage known, accusing her of selling out to Big Pharma. Gaga uploaded a shot of a stage performance to Instagram with a graphic of the Nurtec ODT logo pasted in the top right corner.



Gaga, who replaced Khloé Kardashian as the brand’s face, disclosed that she was given a migraine diagnosis when she was just 14 years old.


“My experience with migraines was debilitating. I would be in bed for days with tremendous pain in my head, behind my eyes, and all throughout my face,” she told Pfizer. “I couldn’t read or have any lights on, and I needed to be alone in a quiet room for hours that could lead to days until the pain subsided.”


In a video advertisement, Lady Gaga may be seen performing on the “Chromatica Ball” world tour in 2022 while narrating a Nurtec ODT campaign.\\



The singer has lost over a third of a million followers on Twitter in the last month amid controversy over this ad, according to SocialBlade



Fans of Gaga immediately voiced their displeasure.




Pfizer said they believe their collaboration with Gaga will “help raise awareness of this often ‘silent’ disease and inspire those living with migraine to have conversations with their health-care providers about the best way to manage their condition.” However, the New York Post reported recently that Pfizer “recalled more than 4.2 million units of the Nurtec 75-milligram tablets on March 16, 2023, which includes expiration dates through June 2026, because the packaging wasn’t child-resistant and posed a poison risk.”



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