Even With a Politicized TV Series, Supergirl Comic Getting Cancelled


It looks like the current Supergirl volume – presumably kept going because of the politicized TV show – is now being cancelled with its 42nd issue, and wouldn’t you know it, the last story line reeks of what the TV show does too:


The issue, written by Jody Houser with art by Rachel Stott, pits Supergirl against the U.S. military, from whom the Girl of Steel is now a fugitive.

DC has not announced whether a new volume of the series will launch following the finale and declined to comment on the cancellation. […]


Well they certainly ran it into the ground, and surely the most offensive abuse they could possibly have inflicted on the Maid of Might was 2 years ago, in the 19th issue, where Kara was marginalized in favor of a disgusting pro-transgenderism tale that, IMHO, denigrated women, minority groups and men as well in the process. The artists/writers certainly made clear they had nothing but contempt for all dissenters. Now, as the above suggests, this could be another politically motivated attack on a US institution, and, much like some of this past decade’s Supergirl stories on TV, does it all at Kara Zor-El’s expense.


One of the commenters at Newsarama noted that the series apparently continued for as long as it did because Brian Bendis was taking over the Superman franchise:


Seems like the only reason the title was resurrected was so Bendis could have an errand person for his Superman/Rogol Zaar story’s loose ends. After that ended, editorial pretty much relegated the character to whatever gimmicky events were handy, and didn’t bother with focusing on developing anything for Supergirl on her own me[r]its. Certainly not blaming the current creative team for being saddled with editorial edicts already in place, as they were asked by the publisher to extend their original commitment for two extra issues (which they will deliver on).


Maybe the writers/artists currently assigned should be blamed for associating with a company run by a man as loathsome as Dan DiDio, ditto Bendis. To say nothing of possibly resorting to more political abuse of famous creations. It does make clear the TV show, with or without politics, did nothing to help the comics, and if the writers can’t avoid leftist politics and adhere to a coherent continuity and merit-based scripting, then there’s sadly no use in continuing publication. Al Plastino and Otto Binder’s co-creation for the Superman lore deserves much better than this.


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