Ending of The Mandalorian S2 E1 Reveals Return of a Star Wars Fan Favorite


The Man With No Face (or rather, the Man Who Dare Not Show His Face) returned this week in Disney+’s second season of The Mandalorian, this time heading back again to the Star Wars stomping ground of Tatooine, Luke Skywalker’s home planet.

Mando’s mission: He’s been “quested to bring” Baby Yoda to his kind. “If I can locate other Mandalorians, they can help guide me,” says the bounty hunter.


Season one of The Mandalorian quickly established a structure between standalone adventure episodes of Mando, and those episodes pertaining to the bounty hunter and Baby Yoda squaring off with the Imperials. After a near death-standoff with Giancarlo Esposito’s Moff Gideon, down to Mando literally wrestling down the Imperial senior baddie’s tie fighter in the season one finale, we’re not immediately treated to that aftermath in today’s “Chapter 9: The Marshal” directed and written by Jon Favreau. Rather Mando and a gaggle of Tusken Raiders and Tatooine villagers take on what looks to be the vomiting cousin to Dune‘s sandworm.


The payoff in “The Marshal” comes in the episode’s parting shot: That bald-headed figure in black carrying a rifle and a Tusken Raider pole is New Zealand actor Temuera Morrison. He played Boba Fett’s dad Jango Fett in Attack of the Clones and word is he’s playing Boba in Mandalorian season 2. He’s been watching from a distance all the rockets red glare that Mando has been putting on display in taking down the planet’s most notorious creature.


The Mandalorian takes place approximately 31 years after Attack of the Clones. Plus introducing the character that made Mandalorian armor famous in the show all about a character who wears Mandalorian armor fits pretty well. Boba Fett’s survival of Tatooine’s sarlacc pit isn’t actually canon in the new universe yet, and letting him tell the story of his escape from 1000 years of digestion in the stomach of a giant monster would make for a great episode.




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