Elon Musk Buys Twitter – and the Meltdowns Have Been Glorious


Twitter stock trading was temporarily paused yesterday in anticipation of an announcement from the social media behemoth. It was soon revealed that Elon Musk had in factinitiated the process of purchasing all of Twitter’s shares in preparation for taking the company private. Musk had tweeted in advance of the news that he hoped his opponents would remain on the site.



The problem for Musk and conservatives on the platform has been the Big Tech tyrant’s proclivity for banning content that contradicts leftist mainstream narratives. Musk claims to be a free-speech purist, arguing that any viewpoint that is not unlawful should be permitted on the platform. This includes letting Donald Trump, Laura Loomer, and thousands of other “banned” accounts to be unbanned.




Progressives on Twitter had public meltdowns, responding to the purchase in by calling for government intervention to control “misinformation” on public venues. They argue that the internet in general, and social media in particular, require government regulation. Since Musk announced his plan to buy Twitter on April 14, both former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have spoken out in favor of censorship.













When will those weirdos learn that Twitter is not an airport, and they don’t need to announce their departure?


Musk will still have to deal with another issue if he wants Twitter to be a free speech platform. Twitter apps are still part of Google and Apple’s infrastructure. They will try to persuade Twitter to continue censoring by threatening to deactivate popular mobile apps if Twitter does not adhere to their authorized narratives.



As ‘your boi Zack’ said, while many were showing respect for Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen of Image Comics for actually deleting his account after the Musk deal was announced, why should anyone find it noble for a grown man to announce he is going to throw a tantrum, and then throwing a tantrum?




We’ll have to wait and see how Twitter’s new age unfolds. For many, this appears to be a sign that the days of censorship on the platform are coming to an end. Will Elon Musk be able to salvage Twitter from itself? Let’s wait and see.


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