Eating Their Own: Megan Fox Shocked ‘Cancel Culture’ Turned On Her


After being attacked for mentioning that former President Donald Trump was greeted like a “legend” when he walked into the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday night, actress Megan Fox slammed the “uneducated, medieval, pitchfork carrying, burn-a-witch-at-the-stake” cancel culture mentality.



According to the New York Post:


“Uhmmm … I do not align myself with any political party or individual politicians,” the 35-year-old “Transformers” star wrote in an all-caps message on her Instagram Stories addressing her attackers.

Fox insisted that on her “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” appearance Monday, she had only said that the 45th commander-in-chief was greeted by UFC fans as a “legend,” without suggesting she thought he was one.


“That was an observable fact. Not my opinion,” she said, noting the “insane crowd reaction he received” at Saturday’s fights in Las Vegas, which even included a salute from Mel Gibson.

“Really loving this uneducated, mid-evil (sic), pitch fork (sic) carrying, burn a witch at the stake mentality though,” she sarcastically wrote.



“The world needs more of that,” she added alongside emojis that included a purple heart and red lips.

The actress had told Kimmel’s stand-in host Arsenio Hall that she was a “huge UFC fan” — but even though the audience was packed with A-listers, she had never seen a reaction as “wild” as the one given Trump.

“I was in a row with [Justin] Bieber and Trump,” she recalled. “He was a legend. That arena was very supportive of Trump when he came in,” she said.

“I’ve never seen anything like that before. It was crazy,” she told Hall.



Breitbart News added:


Fox was not the only celebrity attacked by the woke leftist mob for acknowledging the 45th president’s presence at the UFC match on Saturday.

Actor Mel Gibson appeared to take his acknowledgment further by showing a public display of respect for the former President of the United States.

A viral video apparently shows Gibson saluting President Trump at the UFC match, which triggered the cancel culture cohort.




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