Doctor Strange 2 Continues Trend of Fast Box Office Drops for MCU


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has seen a drastic 82% drop in ticket sales from its first to second Friday, and 68% from opening weekend overall, but the shill media is doing yeoman’s work trying to spin it as a positive, or are they? Anyone paying close attention to the box office numbers over the weekend will notice some whiplash when reading the headlines.


Over on Deadline they say, “Wizard Wobble A Wake-Up Call For Marvel,” when talking about the domestic market yet the headline for the international market says, “How High Can Cloak & Swagger go?” Why the contrast? After two weekends, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has made $688.1 million globally and $291.9 million domestically.



It’s still outpacing The Batman in the international markets. But it’s second week in the U.S. had a drop of 67% off of it’s opening weekend, which is one of the biggest drops for the MCU second weekend box office, just a bit better than Spider-Man: No Way Home and Black Widow and 3% better than 2003’s Hulk though not part of the MCU. They’re attributing the drop to the B+ CinemaScore and thinks it’s a warning to Marvel with it following up the B score Eternals got.


Clownfish TV has a well informed take on what’s going on.


Doctor Strange 2 Has MASSIVE Drop Off at the Box Office in Week 2.


Meanwhile, Disney is probably still okay with $688 million globally over two weeks… 

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