Disney Hires “Problematic” Latino Actress as Snow White

What exactly could be “problematic” about Disney’s next live-action star Rachel Zegler you ask? It’s not her skin color, although the casting of a Latino woman as Snow White has all the markings of a troll, no matter how well she can sing and act and no matter how the mainstream media doesn’t frequently mention her heritage. Who cares? No, what’s “problematic” about Ms. Zegler has to do with her publicly attacking other Disney actors on the trash fire platform known as Twitter.



Take Jeremy Renner, who portrays the Marvel superhero Hawkeye in the MCU, and who also has a Disney Plus series in production. When Mr. Renner was accused by his ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco, of abusing drugs and alcohol amidst a custody battle over their six year old daughter, the hashtag #RIPJeremyRenner trended briefly by lots of anonymous users. Zegler, who has clearly spent too much time on Encyclopedia Problematica, jumped into the fray to tweeting the following toxic comments:



The “problem” here is not simply that she attacked a fellow Disney actor, but that there is literally no evidence of Renner’s transphobia, unless you count an unsourced rumor that he once called a trans person a “crossdresser“.  So where does Ms. Zegler get her information that Jeremy Renner is “sexist” and “racist“? She never answers. This is what makes her “problematic”. She is a well known celebrity and she is making damaging accusations for which she provides no proof whatsoever. Would you hire someone that was known to engage in unproven smear jobs against your other employees?


But wait, there’s more. Here’s a montage of her tweets regarding Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling when the writer affirmed her belief that trans-people should not be legally classified as women. 



More via Dataracer:



And as John Trent of Bounding into Comics reports, the actress is virulently anti-law enforcement.


New Snow White Actress Rachel Zegler Is An Anti-Police Activist


Why would any company hire such an ignorant, hateful woman that has a history of publicly attacking your own employees? More tales from the wokification of Disney.


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