Disney Dumps NBA Experience Due to Poor Attendance

Disney is permanently shutting its NBA Experience attraction in Disney Springs, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, due to low attendance despite the “huge” launch in 2019. In August of this year, the attraction debuted to much excitement.


Despite this, Disney stated on Monday that it has canceled the NBA Experience due to a lack of interest in visiting and a 2020 closure due to the coronavirus, according to Inside the Magic. With an entry cost of more than $35 per person, Disney stated that the attraction would be a “slam dunk of pleasure for fans of all ages,” but it became more of a hard pass than a slam dunk. Currently NBA pre-season tickets to see the Hawks play the Heat cost less that that.




Outkick reports that the joint venture between Disney and the NBA was even described as a “huge fail” by a Disney exec before the thing even opened in 2019. Boo hoo.





Jamison Ashley

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