Disney Denies a Father’s Last Wish For His Dying Son

Just recently I learned about the news of Marvel & Disney denying a father his last wishes, literally denying his four year old son his last wishes, of having Spider-Man on his tombstone. Ollie Jones, who died from a rare genetic disease, was a massive Spider-Man fan so his dad Lloyd, wanted to honor his son’s memory. He wanted to put an etching of the superhero on his son’s gravestone but the Disney refused permission. Disney reportedly said they wanted to preserve Spider-Man’s “innocence”.



Mr Jones initially approached the local council about the etching, but was told he would have to contact the copyright owners – which ultimately led to Disney denying his request. Mr Jones reportedly said Disney did not want its superhero characters associated with death, saying: “We extend our sincere condolences. If we played a small part in Ollie’s happiness we are honored.


Lloyd Jones is a father of six who lost a son back in December, Ollie who died at only four years old of a rare genetic disorder, leukodystrophy. 


In my video below, I outline the entire story and just how I feel about it.


Disney Denies Father & Child's Last Wish For Spider-Man | Shame On You Marvel!

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