Disney Covering Up Jessica Rabbit to Make Her ‘More Relevant’


Disneyland has just made an obnoxious update to their “Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin” attraction in order to make the notoriously sultry femme fatale “more current” by upgrading Jessica Rabbit from a beautiful siren to a buttoned-up detective and making her the show’s star.


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The seductive character will no longer be costumed as provocatively as the famous animated sex symbol from the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit? According to Yahoo News, instead of being in continual danger, Disney promises the new Jessica Rabbit will be more empowered and “relevant” to today’s society. Jessica Rabbit was kidnapped by the wicked Toon Patrol Weasels in the ride, which first premiered in 1993.


She was also spotted tied up in a car trunk during one leg of the journey. However, Disney has scrapped the scene, replacing Jessica Rabbit with barrels of acid.



Instead of her beautiful ruby-red, low-cut dress, Jessica Rabbit now wears a trench coat and fedora. A new sign was reportedly installed in the attraction to remind tourists of Jessica Rabbit’s new employment.



This isn’t the first ride that Disney has lately theoretically redesigned to be less “problematic”. Their Jungle Cruise attraction was also renovated to remove anything that could be regarded as “racist” before it reopened in July.  Also last year, Disney promised to retool its “Splash Mountain” ride after some claimed its theme had “ties” to racism.  


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Fans were NOT impressed.





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