Disney+ Censors Episode of Children’s Cartoon ‘Bluey’ Over a Dog Fart


After being deemed “inappropriate” and going against the rigorous rules of the streaming service, Disney+ decided to block the whole episode of the Australian children’s cartoon series “Bluey” from airing in the United States.


There was no same-sex kiss involved in the incident that led to the firing. No innuendo about any kind of sex actually. There was no drag queen story hour, or a pride parade, or even instructing prepubescent youngsters that their personal pronouns must be made public were also not mentioned.



Nope. A dog farted, according to News.com in Australia. 


The cheeky Aussie cartoon following the life of a family of dogs has become a worldwide sensation, but for US audiences, a seemingly innocent episode about dad Bandit being accused of letting off a fart in front of his eldest daughter was left off the schedule of the show’s third season.

According to the streaming service, the episode titled “Family Meeting” did not meet its standards and practices guidelines at the time, but they have since rescinded the decision.


No comment on Pumbaa farting in the Lion King…



This isn’t the first time the show has seen suppression. A reddit fan thread noticed how anime fans were trying to review bomb the show earlier this month. What seems odd is that Disney+ isn’t consistent on these sorts of standards. The platform, as pointed out above, has a farting character in the Lion King, and their latest Marvel series, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law talks about Captain America’s sex life.


During the end-credits scene, the lead character is drunk and lamenting that fact that Steve Rogers (Captain America) had a “very nice ass,” but that he died a virgin. The Hulk tries to console her by admitting that Steve had sex with a USO chorus girl in 1943 when he was part of the show. Jen, who was just faking being drunk, celebrates learning the truth by shouting: “I knew it. Captain America Fuuuuu…” and the scene cuts there.



Obviously that’s not exactly in the same demo as Bluey, but the Lion King certainly is. In an update to the initial reporting,  Pirates and Princesses has since reported that the episode will soon be available, explaining that Disney had a change of heart.


“‘Family Meeting’ will roll out on US platforms soon. Some of the Bluey content did not meet Disney Junior broadcast S & P in place at the time the series was acquired,” they said.

“Now that it is rolling out on other platforms, it is a great opportunity to re-evaluate which is what we plan to do.”


If only they would reevaluate the programming aimed at grooming children with identity politics.

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