Disney Announces More Woke-ness at Theme Parks This Week


Disney has released the first images of the restored Jungle Cruise, which is set to reopen tomorrow at Disneyland in Anaheim, with upgrades trickling out throughout the summer at Disney World in Orlando. Disney Imagineer Chris Beatty stated in a news release distributed to several outlets that the ride will include more humor, wildlife, and related narratives.


“As part of creative development, we’ve also introduced characters from around the world and took a thoughtful approach to ensure accurate representation of cultures in our story.”


Behind The Scenes: New Adventures Await On The World-famous Jungle Cruise | Disneyland Resort


In the video promotion about, Beatty mentions that one of Disney’s goals was to “bring a sense of inclusivity” to the ride. “We want to make sure that everyone that rides the Jungle Cruise can see themselves in the characters and in this experience,” he added.


After left-wing activists complained about the ride’s “racist” caricatures and claimed portrayal of native people as “savages,” Disney quickly announced “improvements” would be coming to Jungle Cruise, a classic ridge that debuted in Disneyland way back in 1955. It is also the second Disney ride to get a “woke” facelift. Last summer, Disney announced a full revamp Splash Mountain, which was based on the 1946 Disney film Song of the South after left-wing activists labeled it “problematic” due to what they called its “racial tropes.”


The reopening of the Jungle Cruise attraction coincides with the promotion of Disney’s live-action Jungle Cruise movie, starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. The movie is set to open July 30

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