Director Eli Roth to Helm ‘Borderlands’ Adaptation for Lionsgate

Deadline reports that Eli Roth is set to direct a feature take on the 2K first-person shooter PC-console game Borderlands for Lionsgate.

Borderlands is set in the distant future, in which four “Vault Hunters” travel to the distant planet Pandora to hunt down an alien vault, rumored to contain advanced alien technology. The hunters find themselves battling the local wildlife and bandit population, but ultimately attempt to stop the head of a private corporation army from reaching the vault first. Borderlands has sold more than 57 million units around the globe, including over 22M units of Borderlands 2. More than 1M players every month still play the 2012 entry Borderlands 2. The third installment, Borderlands 3, was released last September and has clocked 8M units WW in sales. The third game was honored with the award for Best Multiplayer Game at Gamescom.

Production of the film will begin later this year.

John Pallister

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