Developing: Is This the First Comic Creator to Have Sex with a COVID+ Partner?


As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on the mental health of an irrationally frightened populace, we’re bringing light to a major breaking story of which we are still assembling the details. As a public service to those who want to know further details, we decided to go to press with it as quickly as possible. 

We will share more details once they’ve launched the crowdfunding campaign for their next comic book project. Meanwhile, more good news; multiple vaccines are rolling out all over the world to protect the weakest of the species from this deadly virus with a dangerously low 99.8% survivability rate!


As we await the launch of this courageous creator’s Indiegogo campaign, other comic creators are patiently waiting with baited breath to find out how it was done…



Stay tuned for more important comic book news!

We firmly believe that this sort of public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of our democracy. So if you have any similar examples of compelling, hard hitting journalism you want to share, please post your headlines and/or pitches in the comments below.



Thanks to Wes Daugherity for the scoop!

Karina Smitt

I'm not as much of a "CoMiCs NeEd MoAr DiVeRsItY & iNcLuSiOn" advocate as my girlfriend often is, but we both love funny books, crispy bacon, straight bourbon and hip hop. Add yet, we never vote the same, so we cancel each other out... and that works perfectly in my book!