DC Writer Responds to Angry Fans About Superman Being Killed Off


Jon Kent, the current bearer of the Superman mantle, has been the subject of lots of DC Comics press releases lately, including his sexuality and romantic life. At the same time, his father, Kal-El, just departed earth with his new team, the Authority, for the treacherous and deadly Warworld – a planet-like space station populated by the world’s worst warriors and criminals.


In the midst of all of this, DC has just changed Superman’s iconic motto from “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” to “Truth, Justice, and a Better Tomorrow,” demonstrating the publisher’s more globalist approach it comes to their new Man of Steel. With Jon Kent left to protect Earth while his father Clark Kent goes on a mission to dethrone the terrifying Mongul, Warworld’s alien tyrant, DC appears to be hinting at a more permanent upheaval in Superman’s status quo – for both Jon and his father.



Since Superman #29 in March, DC has been essentially foreshadowing Kal-demise. El’s In ‘The Golden Age Part One,’ Jon and Kal-El help STAR Labs close a dimensional rift in space that releases energy that harms Kal-El but not Jon. Amanda Waller, who is gathering information about Kal-El’s flaws appears to be the one who is causing the breaches.


Kal-El left Earth behind and formed a new Authority team to travel to Warworld to depose Mongul, the space station’s despotic ruler. In his wake, he appointed Jon as Earth’s Superman, bestowing upon him his blessing as a hero – despite the fact that Jon has already struggled to live up to his father’s legend. However, DC appears to be positioning Jon as Kal-El’s replacement, at least on Earth.


Fans of the classic character have not been taking the news very well, and are expressing their concerns to the publisher. The current writer of Action Comics, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, decided to respond on Twitter. 



Did that really answer readers’ questions? Or was it more of a “trust me” response that doesn’t address their concerns? That being said, DC Comics’ most recent solicit of the upcoming issues has verbiage that calls back to the last time Superman died, which indicates what Superman readers can expect.


“[‘The Warworld Saga’] will likely be Superman’s biggest, most challenging battle since he first crossed fists with Doomsday,” DC warns. “And it’s one that the future-visiting Jon has warned he won’t survive. (We weren’t kidding about that Doomsday comparison, folks).”


Sure sounds like DC is admitting they’re about to kill the Clark Kent Superman to me, since Doomsday is the villain who killed Kal-El back in  the 1992-93 crossover event ‘The Death and Return of Superman.’



What do you think? Is Johnson just being a ‘company man’? Did he truly respond to readers’ concerns? Is this the way DC plans to replace their classic Superman with his bisexual, climate alarmist, non-America First believing son?

Todd Fisher

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