David Zaslav Frustrated With J.J. Abrams Failure to Deliver DC Projects on Time


J.J. Abrams, the producer and filmmaker behind Lost, and new takes on Star Trek and Star Wars, formally moved his Bad Robot production firm to WarnerMedia in 2019. Abrams’ Demimonde is currently “on the bubble,” according to The Hollywood Reporter, as Warner Bros. Discovery is reportedly upset with the producer’s “lack of output” from Bad Robot’s $250 million overall deal.


Demimonde is the first show Abrams has written since Fringe premiered in 2008, and it’s been said that the show has been in the works since 2018 and would cost more than $200 million, surpassing HBO’s House of the Dragon


According to ComicBook.com, a decision about the future of the show is forthcoming.


Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav continues to be “frustrated with the lack of delivery from the deal that was signed back in September 2019 after Abrams and Bad Robot met with suitors including Apple as they shopped for a rich new pact.” 

Abrams has other projects in the work with the company, including an adult animated Batman series that would reunite Abrams with Matt Reeves, who recently helmed The Batman. Other originals from Abrams include HBO Max’s Subject to Change as well as a U2 scripted series that the studio is producing for Netflix. Apple’s Presumed Innocent and HBO Max’s Duster are just some of the other projects that Bad Robot has in the pipeline. 

THR reports that other DC projects are being discussed, including Constantine and Madame X. However, the frustration reportedly continues as “Abrams has laid claim to a number of DC characters but has yet to get anything on the air.”  As for Demimonde, Abrams is helming the pilot, but the series has already switched showrunners. The show is supposed to star Danielle Deadwyler (Station ElevenWatchmen). Despite the reported troubles between Zaslav and Abrams, THR says the deal with Bad Robot is not currently in danger. “Bad Robot, it’s worth noting, has been rapidly expanding into divisions including gaming and podcasting,” THR explains. 


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