Damon Lindelof Says Picketing Disney ‘More Fun Than Writing a Star Wars Film’


Hollywood Studios and streamers are the targets of the WGA’s current strike, which entered its hundredth day last Wednesday, August 10. The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Chris Keyser, the chair of the negotiation committee, referred to the day as “an anniversary of shame for the AMPTP.”


Showrunner Damon Lindelof and writer Justin Britt-Gibson, who were both recently sacked from a Star Wars movie they had been working on for Disney’s Lucasfilm, discussed the 100th day of the writers strike while standing on the picket line outside of Disney.

“Ninety-nine days of steps under my belt and I don’t know if there’s any end in sight, but I’m feeing good, strong, convinced and unified. Justin and I wrote a Star Wars movie together and picketing Disney is a lot more fun than writing a Star Wars movie,” said Lindelof. Is it wrong that I hope he keeps striking for the rest of my life?


FIRED Star Wars Writer DESTROYS Disney and Lucasfilm


The 100-day mark “rejuvenated and really invigorated” the writers to return to picketing, according to Star Trek: Discovery’s Eric Robbins, who added that the meeting between WGA and AMPTP writers the following Friday had “as much passion and as much solidarity as we did on day one.”


Britt-Gibson meanwhile added, “This will not be in vain. This will be done so we have a better future for writers, for actors, for everybody out here on the line. … Strike the Empire back!”



The organizers for the WGA and SAG-AFTRA stated proudly that Day 100 at Disney brought more strikers than previous days. Hollywood is effectively shut down.


It’s difficult to muster up much sympathy for these writers when it’s guys like Damon Lindelof and Eric Robbins who write such “woke” pabulum like HBO’s miserable ‘Watchmen’ series and Paramount’s ‘Star Trek: Discovery’. There’s plenty of content still available that I haven’t watched, so I support this strike going on for as long as they want to shut-down the Hollywood content machine.

Thomas Lifson

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