Cringy Politics & Woke Rants May Have Just Killed G4’s Over-Hyped Comeback


After nearly a decade off the air, the once acclaimed cable television network G4 has returned, with both returning and new shows, but they seem to have stepped on multiple rakes due to prominent hosts spending far too much time foisting their politics on potential viewers and turning off previous viewers in the process. Whereas the first G4 gave nerdy pastimes a platform on the small screen, the new G4 is focused on using social media, streaming, and apparently providing cringy rants a plenty focusing on identity politics.


This is sure to turn off the traditional audience for G4 despite their enlisting a talent pool that is deeply rooted in the Internet era. 


Fiona Nova, Gina Darling, and Indiana “Froskurinn” Black were among the newest hosts on G4, but they appear to have been the target of viewers, critics, and trolls in the show’s live discussions. On one of the most recent episodes of Xplay, Froskurinn (aka Frosk) used the opportunity to retaliate against those unfriendly spectators, lumping it into a diatribe on misogyny in gaming.



Critics of her rant say Froskurinn, most known for her work as a commentator for the League of Legends Pro League and League European Championship before joining the G4 relaunch, is more of an activist than a commentator. Her G4 rant however was applauded by fellow esports broadcasters Ovilee May and Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez, as well as the network.


Frosk admitted her original grievance was going to focus on Red Dead Online, but she decided to use her time to focus on sexism to air her frustration with some of the viewers’ “backlash” over not being as attractive as original G4 hosts Olivia Munn and Morgan Webb. She also claimed she got “special flame just for being a woman” and asked why she gets criticized while another host, like Adam Sessler, is not despite reading from the same script.



Some are calling for a return of the fan favorite G4 hosts Morgan Webb and Olivia Munn, who not only knew the industry and the hobby, but were very “easy on the eyes.”  Many of our favorite Youtube gaming hosts put the rant, and the relaunch of G4 with this kind of narrative in perspective.




G4TV's LEGENDARY Meltdown Keeps Getting Worse - Major Ratio & Backlash! Hosts Are Blocking EVERYONE




And speaking of G4 host Adam Sessler, his own rants are starting to come back to haunt him, but his colorful diatribes weren’t aimed at “sexist gamers,” but were aimed at half the country


G4 Host Adam Sessler, who hosts the YouTube channel’s reinvented Xplay series, recently claimed “Republicans are stupid, racist, and drink piss.”

Sessler took to Twitter on January 11th where he wrote, “Just so I can get it out of my system once for the day: Republicans are stupid, racist, and drink piss.”

These comments are not out of the ordinary as Sessler has made similar ones to them over the course of the last two years.

Last July, Sessler tweeted, “Republicans have a small parabola. They only swing between white nationalism and nazism.”


(Additional screenshots available at Bounding Into Comics)


These people hate you



There is no way to predict how these recent meltdowns at G4 will impact the gaming fanbase, but if they aren’t willing to stick to reporting on gaming news, reviewing games, and bringing fans news on the gaming and technology industry without crying over hurt feelings, then I doubt this “safe space” version of G4 revival is going to thrive. Your mileage may vary. 

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