‘Crazy Talented’ Superhero Show from Doug Liman Launching on Quibi

Shortform streaming service Quibi has ordered its first superhero show, with Doug Liman attached to direct it. Liman’s digital production company 30 Ninjas is also producing the show, which is called Crazy Talented. Michael Karnow (Alphas) writes Crazy Talented based on a short story by Jumper creator Steve Gould, whose novel Jumper became a 2008 film that Liman directed. Julia Tatlock and Jed Weintrob of 30 Ninjas are the executive producers.

Here’s the logline:

“The world’s most powerful superheroes are trying to stop the world’s most devastating threat — alien weapons falling into the wrong hands and obliterating life as we know it. At least that’s what they’ve been told. In Crazy Talented, patients on a psych ward are convinced by a charismatic leader that their defects are actually extraordinary ‘talents.’ He’s clearly out of his mind. But just because it’s crazy doesn’t mean it isn’t true.”

It’s superhero tale with a twist and it’s coming to Hollywood veteran Jeffrey Katzenberg’s vision for the future of TV, Quibi. It’s an upcoming streaming platform bringing feature-length films, two hours or longer, that unfold in eight-or-so-minute chapters, which is roughly the length of act breaks between commercials on traditional TV shows.

The platform is currently targeting audiences ages 25-35, in the moments during the day when they might be watching user-generated content on platforms like YouTube, scrolling through social media, or playing mobile games.


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