Coronavirus Grips Disney Films: New Mutants, Mulan, Antlers Moved

Disney has moved Mulan (March 27), 20th Century Studios/Marvel’s The New Mutants (April 3) and Searchlight’s horror pic Antlers (April 17) off the release schedule. Disney says that it’s looking at potential 2020 dates in regards to where the titles would be scheduled next.

Tracking was forecasting Mulan for a $80M-$90M opening.


This is reportedly a global re-dating scenario, and likely the best financial choice for Disney with the China market completely offline. Opening Mulan sans China would never had made much sense, especially the pic’s patriotic local star Liu Yifei.


Pity poor New Mutants, which has been kicked down the road like a can both by previous owner Fox and now Disney. The film was plagued with production problems, with rumors before the merger last year that it would go straight to Hulu. The plan under new owner Disney was to keep the pic a theatrical release since it’s a spinoff of X-Men. This is the first release date change for New Mutants after April 13, 2018; Feb. 22, 2019; Aug. 2, 2019; and what was April 3 this year.

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