Cop Hating Leftists Are Triggered by Pixar’s New Buzz Lightyear



Disney’s latest Buzz Lightyear spinoff was not exactly anticipated by moviegoing audiences. It is a spin-off of the Toy Story franchise, and it stars Chris Evans as the voice of the “real life” Buzz Lightyear, a human space hero on whom the toy figure is based. As a result, it’s a type of origin narrative for the action figure doll. However, when the first teaser for Lightyear was released, it elicited some weird reactions on social media, such as “Buzz Lightyear looks like a racist cop.”




This is social media, after all.


So these fools consider a Caucasian guy with a huge jaw and a severe demeanor, a racist cop? The results of any Twitter search for “Buzz Lightyear cop” will turn up several more of these kinds of hottakes. Buzz Lightyear’s official job title is “space ranger,” which sounds like a position in law enforcement. So I suppose he certainly looks the part!


“Real Buzz” is still recognized as the same action figure, although there are several noticeable variations between him and Buzz from Toy Story. His hair is visible (! ), his brows are thicker, and his eyes are smaller. This makes sense since, although the Toy Story character was designed to appear foolish and naïve, and apparently the real Buzz Lightyear is a genuine astronaut. 



Jamison Ashley

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