Confirmed: Jodie Whittaker & Chris Chibnall Leaving ‘Doctor Who’



The BBC has finally confirmed one of the worst kept secrets in television: Jodie Whittaker and showrunner Chris Chibnall are quitting Doctor Who.


The duo have been in charge of the Tardis since 2017 and will be leaving BBC Studios’ iconic sci-fi franchise next year, Deadline reports. Before they exit, they will bring fans Season 13 this fall and three feature-length specials in 2022, the last of which will mark the end of the Thirteenth Doctor.




Whittaker will be remembered as the first woman to play the Time Lord, bringing warmth and comedy to the role. Her departure has long been speculated and is in line with her predecessors, including David Tennant and Matt Smith, who also completed three seasons before moving on to other projects.



The first of next year’s specials will screen on New Year’s Day, while it will be followed by a second episode in the spring. Whittaker’s last spin in the Tardis will broadcast in fall 2022 and will form part of the BBC’s centenary celebrations. The show is co-produced by BBC America in the U.S.



No news yet on who will take over from Whittaker and Chibnall, though we know it won’t be It’s a Sin star Olly Alexander, who denied reports in June that he is set to play the Time Lord.


Meanwhile, Whovians cheered the news.


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