‘Halloween Kills’ Has 3 Petitions On Removal of the Film’s Firefighter Massacre


Michael Myers is back for more blood this month with October’s release of Halloween Kills, but not everyone appears to be “fired up” about it. A petition on Change.org was launched with the hope of removing the scenes where Michael murders responding firefighters after escaping from Laurie’s burning house at the start of the movie. A look at some of these kills was previously revealed in the official trailer, and “the boogeyman” was clearly not taking it easy on them.



Halloween Kills - Official Trailer


Jesse Streeter started the petition over the summer to remove all the scenes of firefighters being slaughtered in the movie, saying: 


“I want the scene [removed] from the new movie Halloween Kills where they show the Slaughtering of firefighters. It is wrong because firefighters have been lured to house fires and murdered by the person who set the fire. And it’s wrong that Michael killed the firefighters with the gear from the other firefighters he killed. As a soon-to-be firefighter, I find it very offensive and so does my mom and dad who are retired firefighters. So I want that scene taken out of the movie. Michael didn’t have to kill them in a way they saved him so he should have saved the two firefighters in the house and went on his way to kill sister.”



The scene in question comes presumably at the beginning of the film when Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is being whisked away to the hospital after having blown up her house in order to kill Michael Myers. As ridiculous as the petition sounds, the Streeter seems quite serious. 


“There is no reason for that horrible disgusting scene. Especially since it has happened in real life. Like I said before firefighters have been lured to house fires and killed by some psycho in real life.”


Only 266 people have signed the petition so far. Meanwhile, an opposing petition was launched a week ago, pushing for the filmmakers to ignore the earlier petition and continue to keep the scene. This one was started by Brandie Slavens who says: 

“Recently a petition has started on change.org to have the slaughtering of firefighters removed from the new Halloween movie, Halloween kills (releasing October 15, 2021). I’d like [that petition] stopped as almost every person murdered in every horror movie ever had an occupation… Murder is what these movies are about obviously. Literally nobody is being hurt in the making of this movie I assure you. The whole petition is stupid. I’m very certain there is a huge crowd of Halloween fans who will agree. Y’all help me keep Michael Meyers on business….thanks.”


Brandie’s response petition has gathered a whopping 1,368 co-signers. A third petition, also calling on filmmakers to also keep the scene, has an additional 130 signers as of this writing. The slasher film is is a sequel to 2018’s Halloween directed by David Gordon Green and written by Green, Danny McBride and Scott Teems and is the twelfth installment in the Halloween franchise . The filmmakers have not responded to any of the petitions.


So tell us what you think about all of this dear readers,  and let us know if you’re going to see Halloween Kills at the theater or stream it on Peacock on October 15, 2021.

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