Comic Artist Calling for Political Violence Against Women

by Megan Fox
Bill Sienkiewicz is a very talented artist. His work on Marvel Comics; New Mutants was a high-point for the series, but his acerbic liberal politics has become a major  disappointment to his apolitical and right-minded fans, and the following example from Megan Fox at PJMedia is very disturbing:

A recent Facebook post called for violence against Sarah Huckabee Sanders with original artwork depicting a barely recognizable Sanders on a shooting target.

His explanation makes it seem like he’s aware enough to know that what he’s doing is incredibly wrong. He equivocates:

Before I get ALL the “you hateful liberal” crap from the Right…

I’m NOT advocating for violence against women.

This isn’t about gender, it’s about calling out lying scumbags who deserve some serious scolding and corrective head spankings – for their crimes against decency, morality – if not against history.

I’m willing to bet the first swings at her smarmy lying mug would be from women, women who find her as insufferable and deplorable as any of her male counterparts.

And besides, editorial cartooning is still freedom of speech.

So there’s that.

Well yes, editorial cartooning is certainly a form of free speech, but Sienkiewicz is a Democrat. Democrats hate free speech to the point of wanting to literally burn down universities to stop it, claiming “hate speech” is an affront to democracy or something. What’s more hateful than putting Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ head on an actual target and telling people to punch her? It was only a matter of time until the “Punch a Nazi” movement moved on to normal people doing their jobs (since there are literally no Nazis to punch). What Sanders has done to make this person so unhinged is unknown. From where I’m sitting I see a mom like me who has an extremely tough job facing a press corps every day that would like nothing better than to make her fail. Yet she manages to corral them into submission on a regular basis. She’s kind of like a superhero that Sienkiewicz used to draw before he contracted Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Let there be no doubt about Sienkiewicz’s political persuasion. Here are several tweets he has posted earlier this year.

He supports Chomsky represents anti-Americanism and is a radical leftist who did considerable disservice to the USA.

And his politics only go one-way. Here are two “tributes” he created for Obama:

Sienkiewicz is a talented artist, there’s no disputing that. But his obsession with leftism and including violence makes it difficult to support him when he attacks those he disagrees with. However, it’s the violence against a woman he disagrees with politically and putting a target on her head that has some fans and others worried.

Megan’s article continues.

Is there any rational reason why Americans should be dragged down to this level of vitriolic hatred over an election that has been over for more than a year? When is the unhinged left going to get over it? And when is Marvel going to put out some corporate standards for social media? Sienkiewicz raised alarms a few months ago when he offered artwork in exchange for an assault on the president. He has since deleted this post pictured below, but it was reported here.

What kind of person offers a reward for assaulting the president of the United States? Several people reported him to Secret Service for the post. Why would Marvel continue to hire such a volatile individual with no appropriate sense of decency where women are concerned? Is Sienkiewicz exempt from the new rules about how men are supposed to treat women? Does Marvel think their employees don’t have to treat women well, or is it just Republican women they don’t care about? Maybe Sienkiewicz needs time off to get sensitivity training or counseling or a heavy prescription. Whatever it is he needs, I hope he gets it before he hurts someone for real.

Read the whole thing here.

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