China is Finally Beginning to Turn Its Fangs on Hollywood


Hollywood’s share of the Chinese box office is reportedly plummeting to less than 10% as Beijing seeks to boost its homegrown film industry while continuing to prohibit major Hollywood productions from appearing in Chinese theaters. As a result, Hollywood, which has embarrassed itself in all the ways it is willing to appease China’s Communist dictators in the hopes of retaining access to the rich Chinese market, faces an existential crisis.


According to figures from consultancy Artisan Gateway, as reported by Variety, Hollywood’s share of the China box office industry has dropped to just 9.5 percent so far this year. The sharp drop coincides with homegrown releases edging out Hollywood imports. It looks like the Chinese have finally cut off the money spigot after more than a decade of Hollywood sucking up to China’s communist Nazis and their slave state.



According to a report from MSN:


There hasn’t been a single significant Hollywood release in China since “A Quiet Place Part II” on May 28 and “Luca” on Aug. 20. Meanwhile, Disney-Marvel titles haven’t been released in China since “Avengers: Endgame” in April 2019. In fact, “Black Widow” still remains without a release permit in China.


This could be a harbinger for the next run of Disney and Marvel films:


Movies that may be at risk include “The Eternals,” directed by Chloé Zhao, who was branded a traitor for her past comments; “Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” where Disney may not have done enough to diffuse charges of racism; “Space Jam: A New Legacy,” because American basketball continues to be a sensitive subject following an NBA official’s 2019 comments on Hong Kong; and “Top Gun,” which is seen as promoting the U.S. military.

The political standoff between China and the U.S. has already gummed up film industry negotiations. Now there’s the possibility that, in a tit-for-tat move following U.S. moves against ZTE, TikTok and Huawei, China may be deliberately hobbling one of America’s biggest export industries. Several seemingly uncontroversial Hollywood titles are without release approvals or dates, including “Jungle Cruise” and “The Suicide Squad.” Sci-fi spectacular “Dune” has the advantage of being backed by the Wanda-owned Legendary Entertainment, but some online commentators are still cool about its prospects.



Any fan of the GI Joe franchise recognized that the latest GI Joe film ‘Snake Eyes’, which failed at the box office and cost at least a $100 million, was implicitly made with China in mind. And Disney surely expected Black Widow to make bank in China. In fact, Marvel has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in upcoming movies like The Eternals and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, two films with no notable lead stars that each of them are suddenly looking unlikely to be released in China. Do you think Marvel expected that?

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Despite China’s appalling human rights record, despite millions of slaves, millions murdered, and a total lack of intellectual and artistic freedoms in China, despite China’s brutality and concentration camps, Hollywood not only sought to win China’s affection, but even lionized these slavers, turning that wicked government into heroes. And while Hollywood has bent over backwards to appease China’s government, it has grotesquely twisted its own creativity and vision in order to placate their government censors. Many moviegoers would probably be shocked at how many major films have ben specifically edited to appease China.


Meanwhile Hollywood’s decline in China comes as the Communist country has overtaken the United States to become the world’s largest movie market.


Beijing also appears to be exercising tighter controls over its Hollywood import quotas. Disney hasn’t seen a Marvel superhero movie released in China since Avengers: Endgame in 2019. Marvel Studios’ Black Widow still doesn’t have a China release date.

Disney’s Jungle Cruise and Warner Bros.’ The Suicide Squad have also failed to score a China release so far.


After Hollywood has chased away half their domestic moviegoers because they hate the people from “flyover country,” who is going to save them by attending their tedious remakes, reboots and preachy movies now? Certainly not China.

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