SJWs Jump Shark: Try to Cancel TV Show that’s Already Over


Pro-life Libertarian comedian Josh Denny posted several mildly funny and offensive Tweets following the Supreme Court decision to allow the Texas abortion ban. As he probably expected, critics hounded him, and made threats, called him “racist,” and went on to say they would get his show on Food Network canceled.


Josh Denny, a stand-up comedian who is perhaps best known as the host of Food Network series Ginormous Food which ran from 2017 until 2020, he also has two comedy albums, ‘Honest Brutally’ and ‘Social Hand Grenades,’ and has appeared as an actor, writer, and producer on numerous television shows. Currently he’s the host of ‘Next Week Tonight.’



Denny is not new to controversy, and he is quite vocal about his support for free speech and artistic comedy. This outspoken temperament has sparked a recent Twitter argument which .



The most recent season of Ginormous Foods aired in fall 2017, and the comedian has not worked with the network since that series wrapped up.  Food Network did their part to appease the cancel culture crowd though, declaring on Twitter that they had already parted ways with Denny and deplatformed him completely.


A check on YouTube revealed they had, indeed, deleted most of his content. The page on their website for his show, Ginormous Food, is blank.


Denny replied to their unnecessary “re-cancellation” as only Denny could:



If it’s not obvious enough, “cancel culture” already “jumped the shark,” but these silly Twitter warriors attempting to cancel an already-cancelled show is social media’s version of beating a dead horse. Worth a few laughs nonetheless.

Jamison Ashley

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