Is Bob Chapek About to Remove the ‘Woke’ Infection at Disney?


Long ago, Disney abandoned its core family audience and is seemingly catering to every whim demanded by the woke mob. They’re not an outlier though, as most executives of entertainment companies would do anything if they believed it would earn them a pat on the back from the cancel culture woke mobs.


But even as the backlash of Lightyear, Ms. Marvel, Turning Red, Baymax! and other woke jokes causes more and more people to cancel their Disney+ subscriptions, Disney may finally be coming to the conclusion that if the company wants to appease the most vocal and most censorious segments of society, they will have to figure out another way to pay for it.


In other words, the numbers are beginning to prove the recent adage that going “woke” means going broke. But that isn’t enough to appease the mob inside Disney, as Breitbart reports:

Within Disney, many employees still harbor resentment against CEO Bob Chapek for initially refusing to get involved in Florida politics. Chapek eventually caved to woke employees’ demand that Disney take up radical LGBTQ activism as part of its core corporate mission.

As a result, Florida stripped Disney World of its special tax and self-governing privileges in Orlando.

Disney shares have plummeted a whopping 40 percent so far this year.


Is Bob Chapek, who just got his Disney contract renewed another three years, going to continue to stand up to the mob? Or will he bend the knee again as he did over the Parental Rights in Education Bill (dubbed Don’t Say Gay by left wing activists)? 


WDW Pro, an opinionated commentator on all things Disney, recently discussed the situation on a podcast with Valliant Renegade, where they discussed how Disney and Chapek were potentially moderating the policies to get away from divisive politics, and even suggested that Chapek may be getting ready to “lay down the boom on those who would push the company in divisive directions.”


Is Bob Chapek About To Turn Woke Disney Upside Down? w/ WDW PRO - That Park Place


They cover a lot of topics here, so spend some time on this. What do you think of WDW Pro’s comments? Is Bob Chapek going to right the ship at Disney?


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