Box Office Prediction: JOKER is Tracking for an $80 Million+ Debut


Variety is reporting that Warner Bros.’ The Joker, an origin story about the notorious Batman villain, is shaping up to be a big hit despite being one of the darkest mainstream movies to hit screens in years.


The film is on pace to debut to a sizable $76 million to $88 million when it hits theaters on Oct. 4, according to early tracking. Some executives believe those numbers are very inflated because the film is so unconventional and has characteristics that could alienate fanboys and fangirls as well as more mainstream crowds. The studio believes the dark thriller could launch in the $50 million to $55 million range.


Even if Joker opens well below that bullish tracking, a start above $50 million-plus would be a success.

Jamison Ashley

Jamison Ashley

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